The Knight of all amulets for the one who faiths and worships Somdej (Toh) and Shinaphunchara mantra

พระสมเด็จวัดระฆัง วัดบางขุนพรหม และวัดเกศไชโย
Phrasomdej Amulet knight

We would like to thank all friends giving hands for all beautiful pictures. This site was created in attempt to start the networks of people who love in work of Buddha Amulet Art. We would like to share opinions and KM among Buddha Amulet collectors especially in the family of Phra Somdej which those should not be blocked or defined by commerce or some groups’ direction. I’ll be happy to share some knowledge with everyone who loves and occupies various Pim/ styles of Buddha amulet especially in Phra Somdej family, then, please call me: 081-563-0161 (Balloon).


พระสมเด็จวัดระฆังเป็นพระที่มีพุทธานุภาพสูงยิ่งทั้งเกิดจากมวลสารอันเป็นมงคลมากมาย อาทิว่านเกสร 108 พระอรหันตธาตต่างๆ มวลสารพระกำแพงทุ่งเศรษฐี แร่ธาตุเหล็กไหลกายสิทธิ์ต่างๆเป็นต้น รวมทั้งพลังทิพย์เข้มขลังแห่งฌานสมาธิสมาบัติระดับโพธิสัตย์ของท่านเจ้าพระคุณสมเด็จฯ ทำให้พระเครื่องของท่านมีพุทธคุณเด่นทุกด้าน ควรค่าแก่การศึกษาและแสวงหาบูชาเป็นพุทธาธรรมมา และสังฆานุสติยิ่งนัก

Buddha- Kuhn Beliefs

We believe in Phra somdej that can bring prosperity, wealth and happiness to whom worships or carries Phra somdej in honest means. We believe Phra somdej can help in protecting from dangers, avoiding from enemy or accidence, significantly only in honest direction. Moreover, if you live along the good way that always do the merit things, the super natural power from Phra somdej will support your life methods and give every blessing you pray for in the right direction.

Three periods of Phrasomdej

Actually, Somdej Phra Bhuthacharn Toe Bhrammarangsri approximately made phrasomdej amulets around 2390-2400 B.E. (1847-1857) as the first period. The printed molds were sculptured by grass root people around the temple, so they didn’t state in gracefully prints. In the aspect of the content, during that time, the honorable Somdej Toe tried to investigate the best formula of lime mixers in each batch/ mortar. Thus we found various styles of phrasomdej that time by helping of people around the temple. However, most of the amulets in first period decay or disappear because instability of content mixers.

The middle age period of Phrasomdej is during 2400-2409 B.E., and most of the printed molds were sculptured by Luang Witchit Naruemon and Luang Sithiyotharak that have showed each one of identity styles.

The final period is during 2409-2414 B.E. Printed molds in this period focused on the art of Luang Witcharn Chieranai which we called Pim Niyom and were used for the three temples (Wat Rakang, Wat Bang Khun Bhrom, and Wat Khate Chai Yo).

Pearls’ Skin of Phrasomdej

The emollient rising skin and soften like pearl of Phrasomdej is as its identification. Phrasomdej is composed of quick lime and clam slaked lime with various holy substances such as gold and silver dust, jewelry dust, holy buddhakhun powder, brick- color dirt of Phra Kumpaeng-Tung Saithee, holy herbs etc.

Clam quick and slaked lime causes calcium oxide and calcium carbonate solutions which can appear in various color of crust after the moist has gone depending on color tone of initial clam lime. Phrasomdej always develops the crust of calcium carbonate whole amulet which may have much or little depending on the amount of each batch ingredients especially lime and Tung-Eiw oil.

If the ingredient is much of Tung-Eiw oil, the surface of Phrasomdej won’t develop much of calcium carbonate crust (quite a little skin change but must have the change and trace of ages). However, if the ingredient is much of powder lime, the surface of Phrasomdej will develop much and several of calcium carbonate crust and stain.