About Phrasomdej


      In an era of King Rama 1st. He passed away at Saturday 22 June B.E.2415 which he was 85 years old. In B.E.2343 at the age of twelve, he entered the monk hood ( "Buath" ordain in thai word ) by Phra

Bawornviriyatera an abbot of Wat Banglunpoon ( to enter the monk hood, alway require senior monk to do the ceremony for you ) for novice monk as below an age of 21 at Wat Intraviharn. And then in B.E.2370 again at Wat PhraSrirattanasardsadararm to be Narkluang ( the high class of monk which "buath" by Pope of thai monk etc." Archan Toh was ordained by Somdej Phra Sunkarath Sook ( "Sook" is his short name and also Archan Toh teacher, many story and his legend have been told ) at Wat Mahatath. In B.E.2395 at age of 65 turn up to "Phra Racha Kana" at Wat Rakhang. In B.E.2397 at age of 67 have given name/class by the king to be "Phra Tummagitti". In B.E.2407 at age of 77 again by the king, he was given name/class higher to "Somdej Puttajarn" the 5th of Rattanagosin era. ( Somdej eg. Lord, Sir, Highness etc.) *Somdej Phra Sunkarath Sook is Somdej Toh's principle, one of thailand guru monk and the leader of thailand monk council.

       Like his name, "Toh" mean Big, Hugh in thai. Somdej Toh have builded many remembrance such as 1) "Phra Puttasaiyarth at Wat Sadue Ayuttaya Province" The biggest sleeping statue of Buddha in Thailand , builded by white lime. To remember that he was born here in Ayuttaya province. 2) "Buddha Statue doing meditate" at Wat Chaiyo in the time of King Rama 4th. Said to remember he was a teacher of dharma there. 3) "Standing Buddha statue" at Wat Intraviharn Bangkhunphom, the highest standing buddha statue in the world. Build in the time of King Rama 4th around B.E.2410 but still not finish, Somdej Toh have passed away in B.E.2415. As remembrance Somdej Toh grow up here. 4) 2 of Sleep Jaydee(pagodas) statue at Wat Lakorntum T.Barnchanglor Tonburee, which base facing each other. Said that Somdej Toh build to keep buddhism's scolls, phra katha/mantra etc. 5) "Budda sitting statue" Wat Gudeethong Ayuttaya Province. 6) "Standing Buddha statue" Wat Krang T.Klongkoi Rathchaburee province.

       When Prince Mongkut became a monk, Somdej Toh became the preceptor for Prince Mongkut, later King Rama IV, During Rama IV's reign Somdej Toh was given the ceremonial name Phra Buddhacharn Toh Phomarangsi. Somdei Toh is said to have been the teacher of King Rama V when he was young. Photos of Somdej Toh and young King Rama V can be found.



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