About Phrasomdej


       Pra Somdej Wat Rakang by Somdej Pra Putthacharn Toh Bharmarangsri is very famous buddha amulet of Thailand. Phrasomdej would be comprised of: Shell limes, Phong Vises, assorted flowers from shine, rice remains after his meals, lotus. banana, ashes from the holy burner urn, candle wax, honey and tang oil and many others holy components around the world. These amulets are very much sought after by people who love in collecting them. Fake ones have flooded the market in Thailand. It is believed that Phra Somdej pendant could bring luck, protection, confidence, fairness, intelligence, prosperity and success wished to the possessor.

The five sacred supernatural power powders is especially the main component in Phra Som dej which can value your lives in many directions.
1. Ittachei Powder values in mercy and charming.
2. Trinisinghei Powder values in security and to elude or escape form accidence or danger.
3.  Phadhamung Powder values in protection from danger, no weapon hurts you, or protection from losing in economy investment.
4. Maharacha Powder values in power, prosperity, to be respected by everyone, like the tiger or the king power.
5. Buddha Khune Powder values in wisdom, intelligence, and you will get faith, respect, trust, helping from all people.

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