We are groups of people who very love and enjoy collecting amulets, especially, the amulets in the family of Somdej as Wat Rakung and wat Bang Khun Prom. We have been collecting the amulets for years. We always pray “Shin Na Pun cha Ra” Mantra, and We have amazingly found that the more we pray and the more we attain and occupy Pra Somdej. I would like you guy to share your experience in collecting PhraSomdej and we will exchange the knowledge and make a merit goodwill teams. Please call 081-563-0161 Mr. Balloon.

An Easy Way According to the book “Phrasomdej” (Pol Nilpueng, 2008) defined that more than 249 print molds of several temples of phrasomdej and actually more than that, so we (the new amulet collectors) can’t remember all those prints in the short time. To be an easy way, thus, we should make a decision about genuine or artificial of Phrasomdej amulets by studying about content and surface development instead.
Be careful with artificial Fake amulet Aj. PhD. Swaeng Ruaysuengnern (S. Mor din daeng) said in his book “Kumpee Do Phra Khruang Bencharpakee Volume 1: Phrasomdej”(2012) that you can suspect and make null hypothesis in fake Phrasomdej by guessing naturality developpment in phrasomdej skin. The fake one was enameled by white powder skin or dirty stain without flow trace of Calcium Carbonate from inside or Tung Eiw oil stain without the trace of oil flowing from inside also. In the other word, the elephant that is in rut obviously is different from the elephant that bathe the oil. Estrus elephant will appear the oil trace of transmitting from the groove behind her ears that we can investigate the stain by chronological logics. On the other hand, the elephant fell down the oil hole or bathe the oil; in fake Phrasomdej amulet, we might see the oil without transmitted direction without the trace of oil flowing from inside.
A certain Evolution 1. Calcium Oxide develop inside /under (Ruk) black Lacquer
2. Calcium Oxide develops along molecule cavities then makes slightly shiny smooth covering.
3. Calcium oxide and calcium carbonate enameled Waverly.
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