Pearls’ Skin of Phrasomdej
Pearls’ Skin of Phrasomdej The emollient rising skin and soften like pearl of Phrasomdej is as its identification. Phrasomdej is composed of quick lime and clam slaked lime with various holy substances such as gold and silver dust, jewelry dust, holy buddhakhun powder, brick- color dirt of Phra Kumpaeng-Tung Saithee, holy herbs etc. Clam quick and slaked lime causes calcium oxide and calcium carbonate solutions which can appear in various color of crust after the moist has gone depending on color tone of initial clam lime. Phrasomdej always develops the crust of calcium carbonate whole amulet which may have much or little depending on the amount of each batch ingredients especially lime and Tung-Eiw oil. If the ingredient is much of Tung-Eiw oil, the surface of Phrasomdej won’t develop much of calcium carbonate crust (quite a little skin change but must have the change and trace of ages). However, if the ingredient is much of powder lime, the surface of Phrasomdej will develop much and several of calcium carbonate crust and stain.