The big Word “Naturalness”
The big Word “Naturalness” The new collectors should seek the way in short-cut to decide “real or fake” amulet. If you understand about time factor and the factor how calcium oxide/ calcium carbonate work on Phrasomdej surface (like the stalagmite and stalactite). This will help you to make the right decision. According to the word “Phat-Chat-Tang”, you ought to learn by yourself with your eyes (not ears, definitely). If you ask someone, you might get a big word “Naturalness” to avoid ten hours clarifying. Perhaps, that might be too difficult for the new comers in amulet collector society to understand this word because that is skills. Thus, you don’t walk along those experts’ direction; but you should walk in opposite direction and faster than those experts. Precisely, you may scarcely find Phrasomdej that is obviously easily real-proved and beautiful; but, you have some chance to find a difficult-proved and quit beautiful one. Thus, you should research the context of amulets’ texture first and the print mold/ blocks are the next or later issues by using the science about surface of calcium carbonate development like the stalagmite to help. We bet you will get the genuine one, especially, if you can pray the Shinnabhanchara mantra of Somdej Phra Bhuthacharn Toe Bhrammarangsri.